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When does loan repayments kick in?

Home loans are due in 2018.

They will be covered by the government until 2021, but the first repayment is due in 2021.

If the loan was made in 2018 and is not repaid in 2019, the government will seize it.

The first repayment will be made to the creditor, which is usually the bank, but it could be a bank, a mortgage lender or a bank’s insurer.

If it is a mortgage, the creditor can be fined up to 2% of the loan amount.

If a loan was paid off in 2019 and the creditor still owes money, it will be confiscated.

This means that if a loan is taken out, the bank or lender will be liable for a payment, but that does not mean the borrower can get money back from the lender.