Auto Loan Calculator Credit Card How to get a car loan in India, and how to repay it

How to get a car loan in India, and how to repay it

Here is a quick overview of how to get loan in Indian banking and how you can repay it in 5 easy steps.


Get a credit card 2.

Pay your loan 3.

Take a loan 4.

Pay back your loan 5.

Go back to work.

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Pay Your Loan: If you want to pay your loan back in full, you can go to your bank account.

If not, you need to pay off the amount in advance.

Here is how.

First, enter your bank details and your payment account details in your bank app.

Once you are done, you will get an SMS alert on your phone saying that your payment has cleared.


Take the Loan: You can take out a loan from any bank account in India.

You need to enter your credit card details and a payment account number (PAYPAY) in the app.

You can also use the app to withdraw cash from your bank.


Pay Back the Loan (if you have one): If you need money for rent or car repairs, you should write us an invoice on your bank statement.

For example, you may have to write a Rs 1 lakh invoice with a fixed monthly payment of Rs 1,000.

You must have a copy of the invoice.

Once the invoice is received, we will send it to you.

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Here are some tips for paying your loan.

1- Use a credit or debit card 2- Use credit card for all payments 3- Get a loan at any bank in India: You need a credit and debit card for payments at banks in India like ANZ, ICICI, Axis Bank, ICIS, HSBC, ICICS, ICBC, ICMC, HSBC Bank, National Bank of India, Niti Bank, and ICICIs.

Paying money from your credit or bank account to a debit card or using the app allows you to make cash payments in India as well.

You will get a confirmation of your payment at the end of the process.

The app also lets you pay by cheque, cheque-like payment, bank transfer, credit card and even a debit payment.

For more details, read our article about how and when to pay money using credit or a debit.

If your payment is not confirmed by a bank, you have to call the bank or go to the bank branch where the money is being deposited to get confirmation.


Go Back to Work: If your bank is not accepting your payment, then you can also take out an overdraft on your credit cards or bank accounts.

Pay the balance on your debit card at the bank.

If the overdraft has not cleared, you are expected to go back to the nearest branch of your bank where you will be able to withdraw money.

The branch will also charge you for the withdrawal and will give you a cheque or a paper receipt.

Once your bank has cleared your overdraft, you must return to the branch and pay the balance back.

You are expected return to your work in a few days.

The bank may charge you interest on the amount that is deposited to the account, up to the amount you have repaid.

You may also get a refund for the amount deposited.

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